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The Nest Nurture Facility

We are very lucky at Cubert Primary School to have a purpose-built Nurture facility. The garden surrounding the building is currently being worked on and will provide the Nurture area with a messy play area, a "Hobbit House", a sandpit, mud kitchen and role-play area.

Inside  'The Nest', we have a very comfortable sofa and a wonderful interactive board.  The board can be used to deliver learning alternatively, or it may be that the children  need some time to sit and watch a movie. The room can be used for quiet time and/or 1:1 intervention. All children in school can access this facility at any time and for many different reasons. 

There is also a fantastic dark room. This is particularly popular with children who have sensory needs and is used for "tracking" which is specifically done with children who have limited sight. We keep a resonance board in this room too. Children with sensory needs can sit or lay on the board and any sound made on or around it is amplified and also the children can feel the vibration of the sound.

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